Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby Sneaker 2 - With Shading

The shading worked out fine but I still really love the freshness of the first wash!

Baby Sneaker 1

Another in the shoe series for my online painting class. I had to scan this one before I added the shading because it looked so fresh that I wanted a record of it, in case I overworked the final version. Stay tuned for the shaded up edition.

I should also say, that this is a funky little shoe that the girls wore briefly as babies. If I remember correctly, these sneakers were cuter than they were comfortable, so they never got much traction from the girls…..sorry, pardon the pun.
Groovy Shoe

Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Big Boot!

Jane Lafazio's next lesson was footwear. The assignment was to draw a shoe or boot using a water soluble pen. Here is Brigit's cowboy boot.

Erica's Collection: The Sequel

I am still trying capture flowers in 3D. I enjoyed doing the topo lines around the painting and having fun with a watery, colourful background. And don't forget the splatters!
Bouquet Flowers