Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bowling and Hiking in England

Susan's Bowling Shoe

On one cold and blustery day, we got the crew together to go bowling. We had an extra body so I volunteered to watch and grabbed the moment to sketch my bowling shoe.

On another bright day, we walked a triangular route from Snowshill to Stanton, on to Stanway and back to Snowshill. The Cotswolds were covered with snow. The valleys were over the ankles in mud. The views were lovely. As we waited for others to catch up, I did a quick scene with my reservoir brush and travel paints. As I stood there, the paint turned to slush on my paper and palette. A hilarious first for me. The colour of the painting is as muddy so to mark the event, I put my muddy boot on the lower right side of the page. When I opened my sketchbook later, I could smell manure. Scratch and sniff painting!

More of England - Nanny and Grandad's House

The weather was freezing while we were in England, so if I wanted to try to paint and sketch everyday, I had to choose some inside subjects. Joan has lots of precious things around her house that the girls have loved over the year including frogs on the bathroom counter and lots of  teddy bears. I sat at the dining room table in the evenings.

Frog Figurines from the Windowsill

Artist Teddy

My Grandma's Tea Cup Feels Like England

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trip to England

View from Chris and Phil's window.
  On this day, poor Erica had food poisoning so she and I stayed behind while the others went to a bird sanctuary. I took the opportunity to draw and paint  the views from Chris and Phil's childhood bedroom window. It was a freezing blustery day and the birds were being blown about the sky.

Continuation of the same
This was the other side of the same spread.

The shed in the neighbours yard.
Don and Joan's neighbours have the hugest bunnies in their yard!