Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Persimmons and More Persimmons!

I got a bit carried away with persimmons. I just love the shiny orange peel with the leathery green brown leaf on top. The shape is roundy but almost square. And they look so great with the white paper showing the reflection of the light. I've been trying to be less precious about the painting so I can learn more about how to paint shadows and draw a few more shading and detail lines. But then I see how lovely and glowy the paint is, and I can't bring myself to mess around.

Pure Colour with a Few Lines

Colour and Contour Lines

Crazy Lines
I finally managed to get the pen in enough to push the painting too far. I figure you can't really learn about how to draw and paint if you don't take the process past the point of what looks good.

What's a Persimmon Without the Colour? Aww. 
And here is the way to spend waiting time when I've forgotten to bring my paints. Damn!

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  1. Thanks for leaving your comment Susan. It feels refreshing to be somewhat back in the blog scene and what's more, to be connected to others who sketch! I have to begin my comments with this one, a subject I also adore -persimmons. I love what you did with the colours, they are very vivid and true to the fruit. I also noticed along with the shadows you've left dimples uncoloured in white which not only speaks to a flexible mode of creating but also maximize the contrast of the colours. As a follow up to your comments above, given the opportunity, always explore!