Monday, February 24, 2014

A New Book - A New Start

Fiddlehead Red Violin

The start of a new sketchbook is always exciting. Inside, the white watercolour pages hold the promise of lovely sketches and paintings. The book will become a collection of memories, ideas and images that mark the next several months. I must admit, a fresh book can be intimidating. I always resist starting, for the irrational fear that the first entry will be lousy, and somehow spoil the book. But, bravely, I started this new book and ended up with a nice painting of the fiddlehead of our beloved violin. So then of course, I hesitated about adding anything else to the double page spread, for fear of ruining it. Damned if I make a dud, damned if I make a gem! So I channel Roz Stendhal, with words of wisdom about being prolific and not worrying about perfect pages. And so I'm off to the illustration races……but I think I will leave this one to enjoy some white space around it.

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