Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ferns 2 - And Thoughts of Abandonment

This is number 2 in the fern series. It was a case of having a brilliant idea that I was unable to execute. I wanted to catch the strange perspective of looking down on the uncurling fronds as well as show the darkness of the soil under the plant. After watching Tommy Kane's Sketch Book Skool video, I decided to follow his example and never abandon a drawing or painting. There is a discipline in sticking with something and there is always something to be learned. The coloured pencil helped this a bit and I like the orange underpainting. And the overall colour scheme is nice enough.  I got lost in all of the funny shapes and then impatiently started putting colour in without really looking. The dark paint got too opaque and was sloppily put into the circular gaps at the base of the frond and stem. The learning? Be more patient and keep looking.

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