Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Out and About on Location

If you are going to urban sketch, you have to get out of your own house. So I went into the backyard, and then on Vancouver Urban Sketchers meet up down at the Vancouver Museum. I chose to wander down to the Maritime Museum instead, to check out the St Roch.

In both of these sketches, I worked very slowly, using the grid and I had to force myself to keep going, keep looking and then suddenly, whoosh. The sketch revealed itself to me. Thrilling in a nerdy way.


  1. Susan
    Thanks for sharing your sketches completed for Liz's online class. Really like your handling of the watercolors, and the exciting compositions that you achieved.
    Keep sketching!
    Carmela, a classmate from SketchingNow Foundations

  2. Hi Carmela. Your comments are just the sweetest ever! Thanks for taking the time to go to the blog. As you can probably tell, I am very excited about my personal breakthrough. Do you have a place where I can see your work? And what continent are you from :)

    1. Susan,
      I received your insightful comments--thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, Liz's class is worth doing again to fix the techniques in our minds. As you may have found out I live in Sunnyvale, California. So we are both Pacific Coast denizens. I visited Vancouver a number of years ago after a ski trip to Blackcomb/Whistler. That whole area of BC is spectacular. I hope to get back to it again. FYI: I'm surround by hi-tech businesses here--Google, Apple, Yahoo, etc., but we do have nice nature hiking, as well as views of the the San Francisco Baylands.