Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ditch What Isn't Working

I've had a few colours in my palette that I just don't like. Indian Red is dull and doesn't mix well. Permanent Mauve is a yucky, grainy colour that does not play well with others either. So, against my thrifty nature, I scraped them out of my palette and replaced them with luminous Quinacridone Gold and vibrant Phthalo Turquoise. (Who could not love a colour whose name starts with PHTH!?)

But in honour of not just wasting those colours, I laid down a wash of each and played with faces from a book called Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon. And I included a welcome to Phthalo Turquoise just to get off on the right foot
Good bye Indian Red 
Ciao Permanent Mauve

Welcome Phthalo Turquoise

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