Saturday, June 15, 2013

Urban Sketching at Trout Lake Market

The Vancouver Urban Sketchers met at the Trout Lake Farmers Market today. We were blessed with sunshine and a hive of activity: local produce, baking, honey, pottery, food trucks, buskers and zillions of bikes everywhere. It was great to see Vancouverites out with their little kids on bikes.

 One member of the sketching group put herself right in the middle of the main aisle and people streamed around her like she was a bridge foot in the river. She got a great perspective of people coming towards her. I, as usual, was shy about drawing in a throng of people so I sat in the shade of a tree, looking into a back alley near the market. I could hear a guy playing etherial music on a barred instrument, kids playing hide and seek with a dog, conversations about birthday parties and one sweet dad letting his tiny son discover how to open a bike lock. My drawing of a yellow camper van went pretty well, until a guy with a huge green kid carrier parked his bike right in front of my view, literally 3 feet in front of me. Never mind. I was nearly done, so I just had to keep peeking over the obstacle until I was finished.

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