Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cookies and Multitasking

Chocolate Chip Cookie
I've been taking an online course called Sketchbook Skool. Every week for six weeks, a different teacher posts lessons, videos and inspiration about the daily practice of keeping an illustrated journal. I've been following Danny Gregory's blog and books for a few years, so when he offered this course with Koosje Koene, I was super keen. We are three weeks into the class and it has been inspirational and motivating, as promised. I've been making an effort not to follow the posts and comments of the other students too closely though because I could spend my entire time perusing the musings of the 1400 other students. Yikes.

So in the spirit of spontaneous and quick sketches, I painted this cookie on the cooling rack. I was also cooking dinner at the time. The painting turned out well. The dinner……..was rather too well done =:O

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