Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fake Journalling and Mentors

Hidden Alley Off Dong Tai Lu, Shanghai
Roz Stendall is a fabulous artist whose blog I have been following for a while. (http://rozwoundup.typepad.com) The two words I would use to describe her are zany and prolific. Every April, she launches her International Fake Journal Month (IFJM) project. It is basically an excuse to step outside of yourself, possibly take on a different persona and try things in your journal that you might not otherwise do. Here is a link if you are curious. (http://www.createmixedmedia.com/blogs/the-creative-life/everything-you-need-to-know-for-international-fake-journal-month)

 I have had an expensive, large format journal that I have been waffling over and basically not using. I have also been pouring over the work of my favourite German illustrator, Felix Scheinberger (http://www.felixscheinberger.de) and marvelling at his evocative and fluid watercolour and pen sketches. So in the spirit of International Fake Journal Month, I have created a persona for myself in the form of Werner, the German Illustrator. I am using a really big format and trying to work fast and messy. Another great aspect of Felix's work is that he does not paint every part of a drawing, often just using colour where he wants to draw the viewers attention. He is great at using dark paint to create depth and letting wild colours flow in other parts of the drawing. Finally, Werner never writes or journals on his paintings. This is because, I am trying to be true to this year's theme for IFJM, which is "No Explanation". Ironically, this whole blog entry breaks that "rule" but, heck, it is Werner's journal. I don't think he even knows about Roz. This is all getting a bit too contorted. Time to go and paint…. right Werner?

Snagglepuss of Wires and Lone Tree, Shanghai

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