Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bike on a Ferry - Just Get Started

I was going to a family reunion last summer and was waiting in a ferry line up. There was a car with a bike on a rack ahead of me in line. I sat there in my car trying to decide if I should tackle a sketch with so many gears, spokes and crossing lines. In the end, I gave it a shot. But as a result of my initial dithering, the ferry line started to move before I had finished my sketch. I was enjoying the drawing and was disappointed not to get further with it. It seems to be my lot as a novice sketcher that my subjects move or disappear mid sketch!

But luck or fate was on my side because I was loaded onto the ferry right behind the same car! So there was a gentle lesson for me. Get started and work quickly. I actually think the quickest sketches are sometimes the nicest.

Bike Sketch in Two Movements

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