Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Go Back

So this is Lesson 2 with Elizabeth Cox, Watercolour for Beginners. She says in the the beginning it is all about learning the techniques. Can not doing something be a technique? Let's call it a tip. DON'T GO BACK. With watercolour, paint fairly quickly, with intention and don't go back over things. Let the water and the paint do its work.

Elizabeth gives us our instructions in marriage vow increments; short little phrases so we don't forget any parts. She demonstrates one element, sky for example, then sends us to our paintings to give it a shot. Skies left to dry, we are back up to her table to watch Elizabeth paint the next small part, this time rocks. And so we move through the painting. How can something so apparently simple be so exciting? But I am not fooled. As pleased as I am with my first efforts, I can sure see the loveliness coming from a more experienced hand.

Sea View with an Alien Boulder

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  1. Susan
    Absolutely spectacular! And very inspiring. I'm glad you got a few more posts done. I'm checking back regularly.