Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mom, you are a very creative person. You have made many wonderful things over the years to enrich my life.  Practical things and whimsical too; a hand embroidered tea cozy made from the remnants of the silk and brocade green wedding dress you sewed for me, hand printed baby clothes (remember the close encounter with a snarly dog for the ginko leaf?!), mini and full sized quilts, eyelash scarves with a few curse words thrown in, painted Christmas balls, a toll painted dresser, a doll of me emblazoned with tattoos, wearing my signature fleece vest, birkenstocks and red hat. The tattoos are quirky, considering the fuss you kicked up over me piercing my ears when I was 18. And no Mom, I don’t have any tattoos.

The really big deal is that you encouraged and inspired creativity in me all my life. And Erica and Brigit have had the full benefit of your quiet creative force, too. They stay up late at night, working away on arty pursuits. I sure wish we had lived closer so the girls could have had you at hand but summer days on the porch at Cypress made up for that. Your influence is so tangible that, this fall, following in her Grandma’s fabric footsteps, Erica will go to Capilano University to start a Costuming for Film and Theatre program. Wow.

So on this Mother’s Day, I post a page from my illustrated journal as I try to capture a couple of your projects in ink and water colour. I seem to have a procrastinator’s relationship with Canada Post, so please accept this Mother’s Day card via blog. Have a wonderful day. I love you. Susan

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