Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hanging out in New Westminster in the Sunshine

I had my car over in New Westminster getting some work done and it all took a little longer than expected. The good news is that I had hours to draw and paint in the sunshine. I started in the superb Westminster Pier Park facing the Fraser River. As tugboats moved log booms, the sky train made that distinctive high whizzing sound on the bridge above me. I decided to use the open length of my sketch book to try to capture the feeling of height. You have to glue the two parts together in your mind. It still amazes me that my eyes can see mountains under a bridge when my brain expects them to soar up into the sky. My mantra holds; See it. Sketch it. Yup, trust your eyes.
Top and bottom of the Skytrain bridge.

This was an odd scene of a boat filled with tires and floats, behind a chain link fence at the end of a huge empty parking lot. I did not quite capture the fence and it looks a bit like the blue banner is water. Never mind. I remember the scene and was drawn to the bright red roof with the bridge and mountains behind.
Nice colours and composition but confusing
scene. The blue is a banner in front of a fence.

 I spent part of the day in thrift shops, looking for costumes for the high school cabaret. I lucked out with these flapper shoes and sketched them as I drank a huge, strawberry milk, bubble tea. The people in the booth behind me joked with the waiter in Mandarin. The girls at the table in front of me chatted in Korean and ordered in flawless English. People's linguistic abilities are wonderful.
Flapper Shoes

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