Friday, May 17, 2013

Waiting for Music

Quick and tiny (2 x 4 inches)
I was ten minutes early for a musical gathering this week. So I parked around the corner and quickly sketched some spring vegetation. I often pooh pooh the idea of carrying my mini Moleskine sketchbook and beloved Lamy Safari pen around in my purse. Before I leave the house, I can't imagine grabbing a few minutes to do a sketch. I have this false notion that I need time and intention in order to sketch and paint. But here is proof positive that I can quickly jot down a sweet and simple scene. I did not have my paints with me but, as I sketched I tried to remember the lights and darks. I added the green later at home. I was going to go back to it after the paint dried to add a bit more shadow, but I was worried that I'd lose the freshness. It's that conundrum about when to stop. In watercolour, the earlier the better I think.

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