Saturday, January 18, 2014

Experimenting with Felix

Loose Living Room
I am very taken with the work of German illustrator and artist, Felix Scheinberger. I love his crazy, fast and loose watercolour. He seems to be able to capture the very essence of a scene, object or person with rough and evocative line work, oversplashed with shots of watercolour. So I ordered one of his books, entitled Mut sum Skizzenbuch, which arrived this week. The illustrations are fantastic and I assume the text is marvellous, if only I could read German. One of the few things in English is the note at the back, reading: Printed in Germany with love. I thought that was sweet.

Never mind.  It might actually be better not to get too distracted by the wordy side of things and really examine and immerse myself in the paintings. Or I could study German. Or perhaps find an artistic, German reading friend. The exciting thing is that I noticed in an online book review that another of Felix's books, Wasserfarbe Fur Gestalter, is supposed to be translated to English and available in March 2014. As the teens say, I'm down with that! In the mean time, I will experiment with fat, scrappy lines and bold loose colour.  Oh, and check out Felix's website

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