Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Afternoon in the Garden

May in my garden is the most beautiful month of the year. The winter gaps are miraculously filled with unfurling leaves, green shoots and fragrant blossoms. The spring parade starts in Vancouver in  January with early blooms on bare branches. But by May, the yard has hit its viridian crescendo. This is the month where I celebrate unending potential and enthusiasm before the dryer, less showy months of summer. So I spent an afternoon, basking in the first warm sunshine of the season. As I look at these sketches, I remember the day; the warm sun, the buggy and fishy activity in the pond, the smell of the air and the overarching green quality of the light.

Painting across the fold of my journal means that sometimes the paint from another page finds its way onto another. Such is the way of illustrated journalling. Nothing too precious. 


  1. Susan, (this is from K-DOG)
    Love the blog. I could not believe that you painted those pictures when I saw them.
    From K-DOG!!!

    1. Thanks K-DOG!!! Hey, why don't you post some artwork to your blog. I know you have some. No false modesty!

  2. Susan (this is from RA)
    Gorgeous paintings. Such a talented girl, you are.
    It finally hit 20 degrees here today, so we haven't been able to enjoy the spring quite yet until today.

  3. Thanks for your comments you two! Hey, K-DOG, I'd quite like to see some of your artwork on your blog. And Rae Ann, how about a picture of your new band?